Beach Clean Up

Can we count on you to protect the Coast from your home? ….
This year’s COASTAL CLEANUP & NEIGHBORHOOD CLEANUP has begun & will be celebrated all throughout the month of September.  In years past, Family School has “captained” the cleanup at Jelly Bowl Beach.  But this year, things are different.

Explore Ecology/Santa Barbara is inviting everyone to take part in this year’s Coastal & Neighborhood Cleanup  Come join your community!  If you will please take the time to register so that all the items that you collect can be included in the final data. Once folks register, they can either print off the “old” paper format of documenting data on a paper or get the CLEANSWELL App and document their collection on a smart phone in a real easy to use App.  Let’s keep up our tradition of cleaning up our community.  Find “Your Happy Place” and “Keep it Happy!” by ridding it of unsightly and harmful trash!
Thanks for taking part in this opportunity and/or passing the information on to others.  Your family might just get together with your “Pandemic Pod” friends and join together in this important fun!  Let’s do it Family School!  Good luck and see you out there from 6 feet apart!!  Enjoy the attached photos & MOVIE from Coastal Cleanup last year.

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