Newsletter, issue Nov. 2015


Newsletter Carpinteria Family School, November 2015



In This Issue:
  • K-3 Pumpkin Patch Fieldtrip
  • November Parents Group Meeting
  • Jog-a-thon Update from the Fundraising Tribe
  • Illuminad Bike Event
  • Family Friday News
  • CFS Students enjoy the Santa Barbara Children’s Chorus
  • After School Enrichment
  • Welcome Adam to LoriLee’s class
  • The Garden Tribe is back in action!
  • Bike to School Day in October


Upcoming Events:
  • November 3rd
    Parents for Carpinteria Family School board meeting
  • November 3rd, 4:30 – 6PM
    Illuminad Bike light event
  • November 4th – 10th
    Minimum day schedules for Parent/Teacher conferences
  • November 4th, 7PM
    Some of CFS Students perform at New Vic theater in S.B.
  • November 6th, 9 – 10AM
    Waterology Assembly in Canalino school cafeteria, parents welcome
  • November 11th
    No school for Veterans Day
  • November 13th
    Jog-a-thon event
  • November 17th
    Parent Group Meeting
  • November 20th
    Harvest Festival
  • November 24th
    Presentation of Single School Plan at City Hall
  • November 25th – 27th
    No school for Thanksgiving holiday
Family Fridays take place every Friday from 8:30-9:00 in Ms. Porter’s K/1 classroom. Please remember to sign in at the office



Executive Board:

Co-President: Julie Sigwart &  Brittney Crooks

Vice President: Vanessa Glasgow

AR Treasurer: Chris Power

AP Treasurer: John Stineman

Secretary: Carolyn Haines



Publicity Tribe
Leader: Kristina Calkins
Holly Howard, Lisa Monaghan, Julien Brun & Karina Kulangara

Family Community Tribe
Leader: April Taff
Shannon Bernstein

After School Enrichment Tribe
Co-Chair: Donna Boyd & Cynthia Mayoral
Jena Jenkins & Kimberly Berg

Garden Tribe
Co-Chair: Sarah Rochlitzer & Mimi Atkinson
Kacey Gritt, Erin Kane, Alicia Hammond, Rebekah Barry, Christina Dugre, Jen Gutierres & Kevin Monaghan
Garden Education Manager-Genevieve Schwanbeck

Community Relations Tribe
Chair: Lisa Oldt-Lawenda

Classroom Community Tribe
Chair: Kyomi Kiriu
Nicole Garay, Dominique Cavalli & Margot Dorion

School Enrichment Tribe
Chair: Lulu Castillo

Fundraising Tribe
Chair: Amber Monroy
Jen Cooper, Lark Cobb, Alia Glasgow, Jena Jenkins & Holly Howard

Non-Violent Communication
Coordinator: Caroline Pendergast

We need your help to make this another incredible school year! Please contact Vanessa Glasgow at [email protected] to join one of our tribes.

K-3 Pumpkin Patch Fieldtrip

Jan and Ms. Porter’s class recently attended the local pumpkin patch together. The students learned all about pumpkin farming, planting seeds, and the fact that pumpkins and gourds are in the gourd family.  The children picked out pumpkins, gourds, mini scarecrows, and Indian corn.  Of course, the corn maize was an adventurous highlight! As always, thank you to all the parent volunteers and a huge thank you to the Galvan & Crooks families for making this fieldtrip possible.

November Parent Group Meeting

Please join us Tuesday, November 17th from 5:30pm – 7pm at the Canalino cafeteria for a pizza & salad dinner. Childcare will be provided afterward by parent volunteers while Leslie Gravitz gives a presentation on our school’s test scores, and how we can work as a community to assist our students even more. Any questions please contact Lisa Oldt at [email protected]

Jog-a-thon Update from the Fundraising Tribe

We are really excited about this years “Rock and Run” which will be on Friday November 13th!  Most things are the same as last year, but this year we are asking parents to run for pledges too! Our students will walk to El Carro Park in the morning and begin by warming-up for their run around 10:00. They will then run their hearts out to the beat of rock music! After the run, the students will enjoy a well-earned celebration pizza lunch with popsicle treats before walking back to school. Please wear your favorite family school shirt. If you need one, contact Chris to purchase one. $10 for children and $15 for adults. Parents and grandparents can look for the sign-up sheets in the classrooms to volunteer to help. If you have any questions, please contact Alia Glasgow [email protected] or Cindy Matsumura [email protected]

Illuminad Bike Event

Volunteers needed to help pass out bike lights on November 3rd form 4:30 – 6:00pm by the Carpinteria Library for the Illuminad bike event. Questions please contact LoriLee at [email protected]

Family Friday News

  • November 6th 9:00-10:00am Family Friday (Note: special time!)
    We are passing on our traditional FF, instead we will have a special assembly that starts at 9:00 in the CFS/Canalino school cafeteria. The “Waterology – Assembly” presented by “Shows that Teach”, is an energetic musical show for K-6 grades about the water cycle, storm water, water conservation and other water science topics. Audiences are interactively involved with songs, cooperation, call-and-response, skits, and humor. The Water District and the SB County Water Agency partner with “Shows That Teach” to put on musical education shows. The Water District funded only two shows this year. Fortunately we got one of them for FREE for our school. Parents are invited to attend, just like it was a Family Friday event. Please be sure to sign in at the Canalino office. Take a peek at this for a preview!
  • November 13th Family Friday
    FF will be all about the “Jog-A-Thon”, a fun running event and our most important Fun-dRaiser to support our school!
  • November 20th Harvest Festival
    FF will be used to report back on the Rock Star Run (Jog-A-Thon) then roll right into the 2015 Harvest Festival happening this day. In case Harvest Festival is new to you:
    This is an all school-community event, celebrating the harvest time of the year. It always features the Carpinteria Family School’s lovely garden and it’s bounty & beauty, learning opportunities about things that grow, what sort of things help to make plants grow and all the fun a garden provides. It also teaches responsibility, working cooperatively, respecting each other and contributing to our school community. Linked to working and creating crafts in the garden is the fun of learning, and the warmth of community work. This warmth is augmented by the rest of the experiences selected for this year’s Harvest Festival. Using math skills with pumpkins, making Stone soup with fresh vegetables, kneading corn bread, making butter from cream, taking part in amazing choices of crafts and enjoying entertainment really makes the day.In all, it is a fun time for the students who are given the opportunity to work together as a multi-age, multi-classroom community. It is a joyful event that creates the best kinds of memories for our children. It also provides great opportunities for families to work together to make this event happen, know that our children see that we work together to care for all of them, and to see our children shine in their own school setting. This event is ALL for the kids. Please volunteer by contacting April Taff [email protected] or Lulu Castillo [email protected]. If parents cannot make it to work at the event, please plan on stopping by during lunch time to join the kids. We will have a lot of vegetable (stone) soup, salad & corn biscuits with homemade butter!

CFS Students enjoy the Santa Barbara Children’s Chorus

For the past month some of our 3rd-5th grade CSF students have been enjoying chorus practice after school taught by the Santa Barbara Children’s Chorus. All their hard work will culminate with a performance on Wednesday, November 4, 2015; 7:00 pm at the New Vic theater located at 33 W. Victoria Street in Santa Barbara. The students will perform with Norman Foote, who is a vibrant and engaging artist who brings his pure joy of melody and laughter to Santa Barbara’s classic theater. He combines his original tunes, sense of humor and props all to great effect. The entire CFS community is invited to attend, tickets are $16 adults and $12 children and can be purchased at the door.

After School Enrichment

After School Baking

Excited Family School bakers awaiting instruction on the fine art of Cupcake Decoration.  With the departure of the Monroy family, alumni chef Trish Daggett stepped in and shared her culinary secrets on making sweet and savory empanadas and mini pumpkin pies.  The ASE tribe is busily planning the Winter session, so if you have a passion you would like to share or any ideas for future classes please let us know. Donna Boyd at [email protected] or Cynthia Mayoral at [email protected]

Please note that the gate is now locked at the bus circle after school. Students in A.S.E. classes in that area will exit from Canalino office and parents can meet them there. The Kindergarten gate will remain unlocked.

Welcome Adam to LoriLee’s class



Adam loves art, playing Nerf with friends, and video games, especially Minecraft!

The Garden Tribe is back in action!

A tribe meeting and work party was held on Saturday, October 10th. The garden was weeded and mulched, and all of the planters in front of Lori Lee’s class were redone with drought tolerant succulents. Big thank-you to the garden tribe and other CFS family volunteers for all their hard work and effort! It looks great!

Other good news; CFS recently received two grants from Whole Foods ($2000) and Captain Planet ($5000 in kind donation), a non-profit dedicated to high quality educational programs that enable children to learn through experience. Items purchased with the Whole Food grant include; 80 Bamboo Panaware Sets that each include a plate, cup, bowl and utensil for snack time, a solar sun oven, single burner outdoor stove, 1 20lb propane tank, 8 quart Dutch oven, 15 kid gloves, 10 adult gloves, 10 towels, 1 roll of chicken wire, 1 hedge shears, 6 pruning shears and 3 shovels

The $500 GCP grant will be used for a worm bed for composting. Snack scraps will be used to create compost tea as fertilizer that could also possibly be sold at the farmers market. Organic seedlings could also be created and sold, but a new green house would be needed for this inspiring idea.

Bike to School Day in October

Bike Walk to School Day 10-07-15 #6

Complete with neon safety vests and a police escort, Family School took on Bike to School Day with confidence.  From bikes to scooters and skateboards, and with others on foot, students and their families commuted to school together to join in a potluck breakfast in the garden.  What a way to lower your carbon footprint Family School!

Bike to school day-aviva Bike Walk to School Day 10-07-15 #3

October Family Sunset Picnic

A big thank you to Lisa Oldt and family for organizing our October family sunset picnic event and for our Principal Leslie and the teachers for joining us.


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