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Visit the official Carpinteria Family School Website: http://cfs.cusd.net

Visita el sitio web oficial de la escuela de la familia Carpinteria: http://cfs.cusd.net/casa

Welcome to the CFS Family Parent Group

Bienvenido a la Familia CFS Family Parent Group

Thank you for visiting the website of the parent group in support of the Carpinteria Family School! Parents, you will find information about the upcoming and recent events happening at the Family School, as well as information about our school and how to get involved.

Gracias por visitar la página web del grupo de padres en apoyo de la Carpinteria Family School! Para obtener información adicional acerca de los próximos y los acontecimientos recientes en la escuela y información sobre cómo participar.

What is Carpinteria Family School?

Carpinteria Family School is a public K-5 school of choice with 75 students in 3 combined classrooms. We have three teachers, classroom assistants and share library, office administration and counseling services with Canalino School. We are a small school emphasizing nonviolent communication, healthy social-emotional development, outdoor education respectful of our environment, individuality and identifying and adapting to each student’s strengths. Our teachers and parent group value the small school community and nurture a culture of inclusion and connectivity among all families.

Carpinteria Family School is steeped in traditions. We have an Annual Campout, Harvest Festival, All-School Plays, Techsploration and Explorathon, to name a few. Our traditions encourage well-rounded, curious students, who benefit from hands-on engagement and support from the whole-school community. Enrichment activities and creative expression are central to education and development at Carpinteria Family School. Families play important academic support roles in the classroom that enable breakout groups focused on curriculum.

Carpinteria Family School was created to advance an alternative way of connecting with students through education. Families who weren’t finding success in traditional classroom environments envisioned a smaller school that fosters peer-to-peer learning and enables strong bonds between families and students, creative expression, individuality and teaching the whole student with an emphasis on social-emotional development and nonviolent communication. The small school setting encourages engagement from all families and a culture of inclusion that reinforces the adage, “It takes a village!”