From May 6 to 20 Carpinteria Family School students will be challenged to complete 3 Expeditions of Discovery in Carpinteria’s natural open spaces. This event was created last year as a COVID-adapted replacement for the Jogathon and is designed to be completed independently and outside of school hours. It was such a success last year and the kids loved it so much that we decided to do it again!!
This year we will be adding an end-of-event celebration during school on May 27.


How it works

Students will receive a colorful map of Discoveries and activities to complete over the course of the Explorathon.
Of course, there will be incentives along the way and plenty of adventure to inspire their curiosity.


How to donate

It’s likely a CFS student sent you here to make a donation on his/her behalf, if that’s the case, you will find the donation link below.

Please add which student you are sponsoring in the What’s this payment for? box during checkout
so that we can ensure they get credit for your contribution.

Our fundraising Goal $20,000!!

Carpinteria Family School Parent Group is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Federal Tax ID#47-5324436