Our Parent Group

The purpose of the CFS Family Parent Group is to support the education of students at the Carpinteria Family School (CFS) by fostering relationships among the school, parents and teachers and through fundraising activities throughout the year.

Membership in CFS Family Parent Group shall be automatically granted to any parent or legal guardian of current CFS students, plus teachers and administrative officials of the school. Members have voting privileges.

Afiliación en CFS Family ésta se concederá de forma automática a cualquier padre o tutor legal de estudiante actual de Carpinteria Family School, además de profesores y funcionarios de la administración de la escuela. Los miembros tienen derecho a voto.


Executive Board

President: Julien Brun

Vice President: Peter Dugre

Past President: Kacey Gritt

Treasurers: Louisa Ornelas and Kim Ruhnaar

Secretary: Natalie Melton



“Fun”raising Tribe

Help to fundraise for our school through fun events to help with extra supplies, extracurricular activities, supporting field trips, science camp and more!

Tribe Leader: Jenny Cota


Family Community Events Tribe

Help organize events (outside school time) to foster our community!

Tribe Leader: Autumn Fiore Palm


Garden Tribe

Help to maintain our school garden and other campus beautification efforts

Tribe Leader: Sarah Rochlitzer


Classroom/School Day Participation Tribe

Help organize events and activities during the school day
Class parents:
K/1 : Mary Skokut + Lana Zielger
2/3 : Autumn Fiore Palm + Tracy Nemetz
4/5 : Kate Pinedo


Multimedia Tribe

Help our parent group and school to maintain and develop their online presence and channels of communication.

Tribe Leader: Holly Howard